I just want to thank you for holding my hand as Butterbean adapted to my family.  He is doing so much better.  His
    anxiety level is still fairly high but is settling down now that we don't use the crate.  He is still learning to go outside for
    potty time - but I know that will take a while.  I'm loving this little guy and just thank you so much for getting me through
    the first hurdles.  I'm not sure I could have done it without your encouragement, teaching and support.  Thank You.

    Mary Beth
    I am retired from State Government, but returned to work part time during October of 2012. I was assigned to work half
    days on Wednesdays and all day Thursdays and Fridays. My husband and I were blessed to adopt a rescue dog a year
    prior and knew we needed to find someone to care for her on Thursdays and Fridays. I contacted my veterinarian, and
    was referred to All Animal Pet Care. I  contacted Maureen and she responded immediately. We arranged for a "meet
    and greet" visit so that Bella could become familiar with Maureen. Two weeks later, Maureen came for her first visit with
    Bella while I was working. Bella is a terrier/dachshund mix and can be territorial and suspicious. On the first visit, Bella
    showed fear and aggression, so we arranged another meet and greet session closer to the next visit. From then on, it
    was clear sailing! Bella warmed to Maureen quickly!

    Maureen has taken it upon herself to work with Bella in the area of training. Bella now allows Maureen to affix her
    harness with no qualms. Maureen's methods include soothing the pet and rewarding with positive reinforcement.
    Maureen's expertise has resulted in a much better behaved family pet. Bella was semi leash trained upon adoption.
    Maureen has worked with her consistently during walks to eliminate charging, stopping and starting and aggression to
    passersby. She suggested that we eliminate the retractable leash and use a regular leash. Since this change, Bella
    walks beautifully and the pulling has decreased significantly. Maureen has also engaged people during her walks with
    Bella and asked them to assist with Bella's training by handing her treats while approaching. The changes we have
    seen have been very positive.

    I have come to know Maureen on a personal level. She has a love of all animals that surpasses the requirements of a
    "job". She is a person of great integrity, honesty and sincerely cares for the animals in her care. She is passionate about
    her career even though in her own words, it can be "emotionally draining".  I have recommended Maureen  to many of
    my friends and associations. Her commitment to the animals in her care is beyond reproach and I am fortunate to have
    my pet in her care.

    Scott & Talya
    My Husband and I hired Maureen to help train our new English bulldog, Mordy.  Neither of us came from a pet
    background and Maureen was instrumental to teaching Mordy how to behave and his basic manners.  She is always
    patient with him and cares for Mordy as her own and his behavior is a true reflection of that.  We couldn't have done it
    without Maureen and look forward to having her work with Mordy in the future.

    Thanks Maureen and All Animal Pet Care!

    Kris & Fred
    All Animal Pet Care provides the best care and love for your pet, with integrity.  We have utilized their services for years
    and are more than satisfied.  We recommend them highly and would never use anyone else.  Glad we found them.  
    They are your best friend's security when you can't be there.  Prior to the date of All Animal Pet Care's service, there is a
    "meet and greet" session with you and your pet.  You will become familiar with All Animal Pet Care and All Animal Pet
    Care will learn about your pet's needs and personality.  This is an awesome idea.

    We had an older dog that required special attention which All Animal Pet Care made sure she received.  They were
    extremely sympathetic to her needs.  Our younger dog has a completely different personality.  She is energetic and wary
    of strangers.  All Animal Pet Care catered to her needs also.

    I sincerely recommend All Animal Pet Care to take care of your pet.

    My husband and I have quite the menagerie, with the usual dogs and cats, but also horses and peacocks.  Previously,
    when traveling, we would have had to make arrangements for the dogs to go to a kennel, for the cats to stay in the
    house (with extra litter boxes set out - or someone who could come by and clean them out), and for someone to stop by
    for the horses and peacocks.  It was always quite the ordeal to get all the right people together.  Coming back from trips,
    we would have to clean out litter boxes, travel and pick up dogs, and spend some time with attention starved animals.  
    With our dogs being shelter rescues, I always felt a bit guilty leaving them at even the best kennels where I was
    concerned about the dogs having any fear they might have at being "left".

    All Animal Pet Care has a through contract which includes requesting a neighbor as an emergency contact and pet
    guardianship contact.  Some things I have thought of (but hadn't previously actually followed up on), and others I had
    not.  Taking the time to write out our routine and where things are found gave me the comfort of knowing that our pets
    would be taken care of just as we would take care of them.

    When we came back from our trip, we came home to happy and relaxed dogs (not skittish and hyper pups we would
    have picked up after a stay at the kennel), cats who were content with clean litter boxes, and a house that was clean and
    cared for.  Maureen and Ron make it a point to leave the house clean, and even bring their own bedding, etc., for
    overnight.  If only family and overnight guests were so courteous!

    I am very thankful to have found All Animal Pet Care and only hope that not TOO many people find out about their
    services - I like to think of them now as my secret weapon for restful trips and vacations.  Thank you Maureen and Ron!

    Maureen and Ron are the most compassionate pet people that I know.  Whenever we are in need of pet sitting due to
    travel, they are the ones that we call upon.  In addition to the traditional pet sitting duties, they bring in the paper, mail,
    take out the trash, etc. They also go above and beyond by protecting the house - each visit is reassuring
    that our cat  Goldie will be in good hands.  We have no worries when we go out of town knowing that Maureen and
    Ron will be around.

    Maureen and Ron are EXCELLENT and have exceeded well beyond what I have expected for my pet-sitting needs.
    They've taken wonderful care of my fur-baby Ashley while I was away.  I was amazed and delighted to come home to a
    spotless kitchen area and a clean litter box area.  The email updates from time to time to inform me how Ashley's been
    doing is such a big plus and relieves me of my worries.  I am extremely happy with the excellent pet-sitting service
    they've given me.  I am glad and grateful to have found Maureen and Ron.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND All Animal Pet Care
    to take care of your pets while you are away.

    I have know the Warren family for years and see their pet sitting services as a natural extension of their love of pets.  
    Their experience rescuing neglected and abused animals gives them a unique perspective on how precious our pets
    are to us and how much love they return to us.  Its that love that motivates the Warren's to be the very best at what they
    do.  They are as caring and concerned with my dogs, Thunder and Yoggie, as they are with their own.  When I'm gone, I
    never have a moments worry because I know that my girls are receiving the best possible care.   You can hire any pet
    sitting service to take care of your pets, but only the Warren's and All Animal Pet Care will love your pets as you do.

    Maureen and Ron are great!  They take excellent care of all my pets, and I have a lot!  The dogs love all the attention.  I
    love knowing that my pets are well taken care of so that I can relax on my vacation.  It is an added bonus to have my
    house, plants, mail, etc taken care of too.  You can't go wrong having All Animal Pet Care sit for your pets!

    I cannot say enough good things about Maureen and All Animal Pet Care.  They have been walking our dogs while I've
    been teaching and my boyfriend is/was deployed.  We will definitely be using them whenever we are in need of a pet
    sitter.  Not only are they professional but they have a way with dogs.  Both of the dogs are kind of picky but they instantly
    loved Maureen.  If you ever need a good, reliable pet sitter you'd be foolish to use anyone but Maureen and All Animal
    Pet Care.

    Let me start by saying that like many of you, my cats are my "family".  The older of the two is 19, and the other one is 14.  
    I try not to leave them at home any more than I have to; however, when I travel to some areas, taking them with me is
    not an option.  Whenever I return from a trip, I have always found my cats to be calm and content.  In addition, Maureen
    always leaves the kitchen, litter box area, and cat feeding area spotless. She even feeds some feral cats that I've been
    taking care of for 10 years.  My older cat has to take medication twice/day.  When I'm at home, she will take the
    medicines in pill pockets, but if she won't eat those for Maureen, then Maureen just uses a pill popper to assure that
    Bailey gets her medication. I'm also very confident that Maureen would not hesitate to take one of them to their vet if
    needed.  It's easy to see that Maureen genuinely likes the animals she cares for, and having had a pet sitting business
    myself for several years, that is one of the first things I observed when she came to my home to meet Bailey and
    Chelsea for the first time.  I would recommend her service to anyone who needs genuine loving care for their animal

    Maureen and Ron, thank you, again.  You have been the caregiver to our family pets for many years, someone we can
    always depend upon to provide expert attention.  When needed, you have supported us beyond expectations.  I am
    happy to recommend you to others.  Additionally, I sincerely thank you for being an angel to those animals in need of

    Maureen, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your services.  I hate leaving the girls when I visit
    Massachusetts so much that I have to keep myself from crying.  Leaving them in your capable hands makes it so much
    easier to go visit.  I never worry about them when I know you are checking in on them.  I have raved about your services
    and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful pet sitter.  We appreciate all that you do and thank
    you for everything.

    I love having Maureen care for Mona when I am away.  She is professional and has such a great connection with
    animals that I feel completely at ease knowing she is there. I especially love the commentary she leaves about each
    visit.  It's a treat when I return.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

    Many of us consider our furry friends "kids" important members of our family.  With that being said, you wouldn't leave
    your kids, furry or not with someone who didn't recognize that every pet is unique and has their own personality.  Our two
    traveling with us, can throw them off for weeks.  By far, we think our dogs are pretty predictable, but Bodhi has severe
    separation anxiety and cannot be put in a kennel when we are traveling without him.  Ruby, is on a medication schedule
    that can not be deviated from.  

    We have used a few different at home pet sitting services and by far Ron and Maureen are the best in business in our
    area.  If you haven't taken that journey of using other sitters let me tell you why they are the best:

    - At home consultation was thorough including a room by room walk through of our home, yard as well as a
    documented decision of our dogs routine and patterns they are used too.
    - Their prices are the best.  Think about a kennel for two large dogs you will probably spend $30/night per dog.  
    With Maureen and Ron they come to your house, you have peace of mind your "kids" are on their routine with the least
    amount of anxiety while you are away and your house is looked after.
    - Their assessment of the visit is detailed and lets you know what your animals have been up to while you are away.
    - They request a phone call once you return to let them know you returned safe and that the dogs don't need any extra

    The most important reason why they are the best...when we return home, Mr. Bodhi and Ruby are calm, happy and not
    stressed.  That makes us relax while we are away.  We know they are in the best hands and are probably having an
    awesome vacation without us home too!  Thanks Ron and Maureen.

    Beth & Paul
    Trust is a word that is easily defined, but not often found.  Trust is easy to talk about, but very difficult to experience.  
    When it comes to the care of our "boys" we cannot trust just anyone.  Maureen and Ron have become part of our family.  
    Beth and I TRUST them completely.  Maureen and Ron care for our "boys" as if they were their own children.  You can
    TRUST when you leave your pets and home in their care, you have nothing to worry about.

    The "old" man in our family is now thirteen he has a litany of health issues, and leaving him is very difficult.  Having
    someone care for him is even more difficult.  Leaving him with Maureen and Ron has been a blessing.  My wife and I
    are able to travel, and TRUST our "boys" and our home are in wonderful hands.  We could not ask for better caregivers
    for our "boys".  If you want your pets cared for, pampered, and loved PLEASE TRUST Ron and Maureen.  We have!!!!!

    Pat & Pam
    We literally stumbled across Maureen and her husband, Ron, during the SPCA Fair in April in downtown Raleigh.  I was
    working a booth near by hers and just happened to overhear that she covered the Wake Forest area so we made an
    initial contact with the promise of a "get to know you" visit in a few weeks after my work schedule calmed down.  The
    instant Maureen came into the house, all of the dogs surrounded her and immediately accepted her.  With most visitors
    they give them a nice greeting and then go about their business - this time around they sat by her feet and stayed very
    close.  It was comforting to see that all of the boys had such a comfort level with her.  Maureen called me at work to
    advise me that she felt that my geriatric Borzoi, Peri, didn't seem well to her - as it turned out, he was suffering from a
    prostate infection which knocked Peri off his game - not two weeks later he was neutered to halt the progressive issue
    and soon after he was back to his routine.  Maureen's passion for her business, our dogs and her integrity is an easy
    testament to hire her on!  You will not be sorry!